Belleek in Peckville, Pennsylvania
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In 1849 John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited the Castlecaldwell estate, which encompassed the village of Belleek, from his father. Mindful of the plight of his tenants in the aftermath of the potato famine he sought to provide some form of worthwhile employment. An amateur mineralogist, he ordered a geological survey of his land. To his delight it revealed the necessary raw materials to make Pottery... Read more about Belleek »

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Offering Nativity Sets (both Classic and Modern) has been a 25 Year tradition at Live With It Gift Stores. Shown here is the Classic Nativity --- Hand-Crafted in Ireland by Belleek --- as displayed at a Summer Bridal Shower for one of our Registered Brides. We have also shared a much more Modern Nativity --- designed by Todd Weber for Nambe. Both of these sets are available In-Store and on this beautiful Website.

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