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$42.00 Acacia Chip Dip Set
Acacia Chip Dip Set
  • 14" D
$42.00 ($US)
$54.00 Acacia Wood Double Chip Dip
Acacia Wood Double Chip Dip
  • 21" L
  • 8" W
$54.00 ($US) 41 Likes
$12.00 Adaman Sea Salad Hands
Adaman Sea Salad Hands $12.00 ($US) 25 Likes
$10.00 Adaman Sea Salad Servers
Adaman Sea Salad Servers $10.00 ($US) 62 Likes
$130.00 Caesar Salad Set
Caesar Salad Set $130.00 ($US) 5 Likes
$8.00 Individual Oval Wood Board
Individual Oval Wood Board
  • 9" L
  • 5" W
$8.00 ($US)
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Since 1975 Woodard & Charles has been a leading importer of responsibly produced and environmentally sound salad bowls, a wide collection of casual entertaining items and our popular Mesh Food Domes . Our products are exclusively from Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam. Our varied collection of items crafted from Acacia wood, Rubber wood, Abaca and Stoneware are perfect for any indoor outdoor party or just for your own dining pleasure.