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Aurora Drinkware collection with 16 products
Aurora Drinkware 16 products    
Heritage Melamine collection with 7 products
Heritage Melamine 7 products    
Limonata Melamine collection with 8 products
Limonata Melamine 8 products    
Portsmouth Melamine collection with 10 products
Portsmouth Melamine 10 products    
Ruffle Earth Hues Melamine collection with 12 products
Ruffle Earth Hues Melamine 3 Collections 12 products  
Ruffle Rich Hues Melamine  collection with 4 products
Ruffle Rich Hues Melamine 1 Collection 4 products  
Zen Melamine collection with 6 products
Zen Melamine 6 products    
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We are committed to shaking up the routine and chasing the unexpected, especially through design. We encourage our customers to be confident in their self-expression, embrace their curiosity and always strive to learn/try/create something new. We promise to be the friend to help guide the way.

1. Be Curious. Learn something new.
2. Be Genuine and true to yourself.
3. Be Receptive to new experiences.
4. Be Spontaneous. Take Risks.
5. Be Passionate and love what you do.
6. Be Neighborly.
7. Be Confident. Don't be afraid to embarrass yourself.
8. Be Creative.
9. Be Light-hearted. There's humor in everything.
10. Be Unpredictable.