Fortune collection with 11 products

11 products

Black Tie collection with 1 products

Black Tie
1 product

Courtyard collection with 1 products

1 product

Greek Key collection with 1 products

Greek Key
1 product

Lattice Gold collection with 11 products

Lattice Gold
11 products

Oyster Pearl  collection with 1 products

Oyster Pearl
1 product

Pearl Symphony collection with 8 products

Pearl Symphony
8 products

Silk Champagne collection with 4 products

Silk Champagne
4 products

Silk Platinum collection with 3 products

Silk Platinum
3 products

Artist Blue collection with 1 products

Artist Blue
1 product

Fanciful Yellow collection with 4 products

Fanciful Yellow
4 products

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NIKKO was founded in Kanazawa, Japan in 1908. Successive lords promoted traditional culture and crafts of the city and the first kiln was established on the land of Kanazawa. NIKKO has gained an international reputation for quality and for designs which are representative of Japan, the country of ceramics. We have pursued our own style of Japanese products which gives them the look of being hand-made.