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8 Collections 45 Products
Chargers collection with 9 products
Chargers 9 products    
Golden Prism collection with 2 products
Golden Prism 2 products    
Golden Lacquer collection with 1 products
Golden Lacquer 1 product    
Gold Matte collection with 2 products
Gold Matte 2 products    
Golden Vine collection with 5 products
Golden Vine 5 products    
Hammered Metal collection with 20 products
Hammered Metal 20 products Best Seller    
Jolene Rose collection with 2 products
Jolene Rose 2 products    
Silver Prism collection with 2 products
Silver Prism 2 products    
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Since 1981, Leeber Limited has been providing the best value in silverplated, goldplated, and stainless steel products.