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Golden Ribbon Edge collection with 1 products
Golden Ribbon Edge 1 product    
Ribbon Edge Frosted collection with 1 products
Ribbon Edge Frosted 1 product    
Studio collection with 2 products
Studio 2 products    
Sterling Baby Cups  collection with 4 products
Sterling Baby Cups 4 products    
Baby and Child Sterling Giftware
Infant Feeding Spoons collection with 6 products
Infant Feeding Spoons 6 products    
2 Piece Baby Sets collection with 7 products
2 Piece Baby Sets 7 products 2 Likes  
3 Piece Child Sets  collection with 4 products
3 Piece Child Sets 4 products    
Sterling Silver Flatware
Buttercup collection with 49 products
Buttercup 49 products 3 Likes  
Chantilly collection with 57 products
Chantilly 57 products 5 Likes  
Fairfax collection with 53 products
Fairfax 53 products 1 Like  
Strasbourg collection with 52 products
Strasbourg 52 products 2 Likes  
The fascinating and richly varied Gorham legacy began in 1831 when Jabez Gorham began making coin silver spoons to respond to demand throughout New England. His commitment to uncompromising quality and old world craftsmanship is evident in each and every work crafted by Gorham for more than 170 years. Many of these works are national treasures. Others command very high prices in today's collecting world.

Fortunately, the artists and craftsmen of Gorham have passed their passion, skills and crafting techniques down through the generations. And today, Gorham maintains the same high standards followed by the founder and his masters of hand workmanship.