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Kitchen - Pyrex Collection collection with 9 products
Kitchen - Pyrex Collection 9 products Best Seller 5  
Chip and Dip Collection collection with 3 products
Chip and Dip Collection 3 products Best Seller 3  
Serving Glass Dish Collection collection with 5 products
Serving Glass Dish Collection 5 products Best Seller 2  
Serving Collection collection with 13 products
Serving Collection 3 Collections 13 products 1
Table Collection collection with 39 products
Table Collection 5 Collections 39 products 5
Tray Collection collection with 8 products
Tray Collection 8 products Best Seller 2  
Bread Basket Collection collection with 11 products
Bread Basket Collection 11 products Best Seller 1  
Bathroom Collection collection with 12 products
Bathroom Collection 4 Collections 12 products 2
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Our dream is to bring the world products of timeless design, quality and durability. We seek to do this while taking care of the environment and giving back to the communities of the artisans who create them.

These artisans, who reside and work in remote villages in the South Pacific, hand-make each of the products in this collection. The vines ...... Read More